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The Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT ) was established in 1967 on the joint initiative of the Association of State Road Transport Undertakings (ASRTU) and the then Ministry of shipping and Transport, Government of India. The raison Cetre of CIRT is its commitment to improve the efficiency and productivity of the transport sector, with particular emphasis on State Transport Undertakings. CIRT has a strength of 240 employees of whom seventy are professional staff.

CIRT has partnered with Radiant Infosystems Ltd, a leading transportation technology provider to develop www.busindia.com with a vision to position www.busindia.com as a comprehensive online reservation system for all the Indian SRTU’s under a single umbrella and brand name.
www.busindia.com will offer a comprehensive online reservation system which will enable the partnering SRTU’s to offer online reservation of their services from the Internet Anywhere and Anytime to the commuters. BusIndia will offer customized views and services for various stakeholders like SRTU Management, SRTU Supervisors / Managers, SRTU Operators, Franchisees, eBooking User – Customers.

Delivery of Passenger Reservation Service with certainty and adequate speed that act as differentiators and propellers for growth, helping STUs to increase their capacity utilization and Revenue

Scope of Project:
To design, develop and maintain Passenger Reservation Portal
To facilitate ticket issue on travel anywhere basis