Uttaranchal transport corporation overview
Uttaranchal transport corporation was formed after the separation of Uttaranchal also known as Uttarakhand. Prior to the formation of UTC, the areas of Dehradun, Nanital and Tanakpur were under the Uttar Pradesh state road transport corporation. On 27th October 2003 all three road transport service areas were moved under the UTC aka Uttaranchal state road transport corporation. 957 buses were also transferred to Uttaranchal transport corporation. Total of 6000 employees of UPSRTC were transferred to UTC.

Uttaranchal transport Three regional centers of Uttaranchal transport corporation are located in Dehradun, Kathgodam and Tanakpur. This three UTC workshops handles major bus repair and maintenance related facility. UTC's goal is to provide an affordable and safe passenger transport the people of Uttaranchal and tourists visiting Uttaranchal.

UTC Types of buses
Uttaranchal operates three type of buses.

Super deluxe volvo
Super deluxe volvo buses ply on Dehradun Delhi route. This are all air conditioned buses with full reclining push back seats, front and rear air suspension. Snacks and mineral water is provided during journey on this type of UTC buses.

Hi-tech deluxe buses
This type of buses has full reclining seats with head rest, and extra space for luggage. All are 2 X 2 push back seats. Some of the buses have VCR facility and passengers can watch free movies while on journey. Fan and study light is available on every seat, like the super deluxe volvo buses.

Ordinary buses
All seats are 2 X 3 comfotable seats. This type of buses are very affordable as the bus fares is considerable less then that of Hi-tech buses or super deluxe volvo buses. Luggage is allowed on the root of the buses as well include the usual luggage space.